FREMO Introduces Their Innovative Power Charger And Bluetooth Headset Two In One Handy Device—Blue Point

FREMO now release 2 in 1 power charger and Bluetooth headset device, The device, named as "Blue Point", which perfectly combines power charger and Bluetooth together.

FREMO is now selling their 2 in 1 power charger and Bluetooth headset device exclusively on The device, named as “Blue Point”, is one of the first to combine ability to charge on the go with a case that helps users keep track of their Bluetooth device.

The most popular feature of this device is its innovative design. This design perfectly combines the power bank charger with the Bluetooth headset. Users are able to charge their devices and keep track of their headset.

The device is also made of sturdy PVC material that creates a strong outer shell to protect the internal circuitry from the wears and tears of everyday use. The makers of the device have also incorporated sophisticated security measures including overcharge protection, over discharge protection, overload protection, over-current protection, electrode reverse protection, power protection and shortcut protection.

The device has a capacity of 7800mAh with a 5V/1.5A input and a 5V/2.1A output. It is also completely portable and weighs in at only 6.24 ounces with a size that allows users to take the device anywhere they go. FREMO is selling the device in both black and white to meet the needs of users who want different looks.

Blue Point works with most major devices, including the iPhone, iPad and Samsung devices. So far, the product has been very well received with customers posting very positive comments. One satisfied buyer recently said, “Very well made! I LOVE it immediately when I opened the package. It is a perfect match with my iPhone 5S (white): stylish, slim and ultra-compact for its 7800mAh capacity.”

The Fremo 2 in 1 device is currently for sale on and for a limited time is being offered at a significant discount. The device also qualifies for the free shipping for orders over $35.00. More information is available by visiting the FREMO Amazon storefront here.

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Price: $37.99

List Price: $42.99

Fremo 2 in 1 Power bank & Bluetooth White:

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