Freway Crowdfunding Succeed in Reaching 170% of the Goal on Kickstarter

Freway eBike was so popular on Kickstarter, that it reached the goal within just 6 days at the beginning. By the ending date now, Freway eBike has successfully raised $170,692, 170% of the original goal.

Upon the completion of crwodfounding on Kickstarter, the entire Freway team now is busy with the upcoming plan to strive providing the best Freway eBike as we present in the project.  All rewards will be delivered, and we are open to any suggestions and feedbacks from customers all over the world.

For the first batch backers, we value all your opinions most, so does any other clients who are interested in Freway eBike, should you have any questions, feedbacks, please stay tuned with us on You are welcome to drop us a line anytime at your convenience at We will response within 5 business days.

Freway eBike equips with the innovative power system, consisting of one big touch panel, one long-lasting battery pack, and one smart controller. Advanced BMS and high efficient FVS contributes to a very impressive cycling range of Freway eBike—up to 60 miles cycling range. For commuters and any other city cycling lovers, it’s perfect. IP 67 certified battery pack ensures stable performance in both rainy and dirty road conditions.

Most of Freway eBike parts are selected from world-class manufacturers. Shimano speed system, high strength alloy frame and oil press disc brake, that’s what makes Freway eBike amazing.

You can check our eBike availability on Amazon in the future. We will bring you more surprise. Please stay tuned.

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